Edmond Adolphe Rudaux - quelques illustrations

Note pour le tableau 4 extraites du site Toilers of the Sea

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This scene is taking place in Veules-les-Roses near Dieppe (Normandy-France) in 1878. The children made a group of friends on holiday. The little girl on top of the hill (my great-grandmother) is Marie-Louise MARCHAND (1874-1958) who married Maurice CLOSON. Her brother Camille MARCHAND (1870-1891) is the big boy who is supervising the jobs with his legs wide open. He’s looking at a little girl, daughter of the painter Timoleon LOBRICHON (1831-1914). The little boy with the striped jacket on the left of the picture is Lucien RUDAUX, son of the painter, who will become later an astronomer. The boy with the big hat and the other boy on the extreme right are sons of the painter Henri TEVENIN (Rene is a writer and Leon a novelist).


chasse - vers 1869 pêche - vers 1869 Couple dans un sous-bois Veules-les-Roses, 1878